Faith in FlyFishing

baptismGod has been laying it on my heart to begin using my passion for flyfishing and the outdoors/wilderness to serve others and advance His gospel of truth, grace and faith.

As I pray/prayed about what God would have me do, I began sensing that my flyfishing guide business should be used to build friendships, develop skills and connect others with the Creator; after all, Jesus called His disciples and those who follow to be “Fishers of Men” (Mt. 4:19)

That said, I now offer a Christ-centered fishing experience for those who are interested in discovering/discussing Jesus Christ and exploring/expanding their faith.

What does a Christ-centered fishing experience look like?

A full day of flyfishing will start with a few minutes introducing the verse of the day from the Bible and inviting Jesus to join us (Mt. 18:20) on our trip.

After a morning of flyfishing with instruction as needed, we will break bread together for lunch and get into the Word – a short Bible study or spiritual podcast from Christian leaders like Allister Begg, Ravi Zacharias, Francis Chan, etc will present an opportunity to discuss a range of topics from salvation to sanctification.

Following a great meal and spiritual discussion, we will return to fishing and continue to explore what God is showing us through scripture, creation and our own testimonies.

At the end of the day, we will praise God for a bountiful trip, offer up a prayer of thanksgiving for the time of fellowship and tackle specific prayer requests.

If you are interested in this spiritual outdoor adventure, please email me at to set it up.

Statement of Faith

I believe the Scriptures are inspired by God: inerrant, infallible, sufficient, and authoritative. God is the one Sovereign, living, true, and Triune God and Jesus Christ is His only begotten Son – fully God and fully man. Man is spiritually lost and without hope apart from salvation in Christ. Jesus Christ died in our place, revealing God’s perfect mercy and justice, removing sin’s guilt, and satisfying sin’s penalty. He was resurrected bodily from the grave and ascended into heaven. Salvation is by grace alone, through faith alone, in Jesus Christ alone, and is wholly a work of God. Jesus Christ will one day return visibly, physically, and gloriously.